kis•met \ˈkiz-ˌmet, -mət\ - noun; often capitalized

1. fate.


we win! (again)

pictures via Celyn Skoze at

This was some of the most exciting, nerve wracking baseball I've ever seen.
I couldn't be more proud of them.
Go Cocks!


My house has turned into "Wild Kingdom".

On one side of the court we have the moth.
On the other, the two cats.
Chloe won't stop meowing at it every time she sees it.
I knocked it down with a broom, and the cats grabbed it.
Then it disappeared.
I now have one light on in the whole house. The cats are perched in that room.

as long as the moth stays away and doesn't land on me in the middle of the night, i'm fine.



Have you ever noticed that the most interesting and frightening people seem to populate Wal-Mart at all hours of the day? They are always there no matter what time you are. For example, today, after work, I headed to that dreaded store* to get a few things. Namely, Febreze and some bottled water. As I walked into the store I noticed behind me an extremely terrifying looking individual - massively leathery looking skin, decked out in robes and a really crazy looking headdress, not resembling any ethnic group that normally wears that garb, crazy look in his eye - All in all, he looked like one of the many homeless, mildly crazy people that frequent the city. If my flight instinct hadn't kicked in and I wasn't speed walking in the opposite direction as fast as I could, I might have hid behind a display and tried to snag a picture. Regardless, it seems as though you can always find these people in Wal-Mart. 

What are some of the crazy things you've encountered in that store?

*editor's note: i try to avoid wal-mart, but it is the only store close to us with seemingly reasonable prices. everything else close by is some health-food store or specialty store with jacked up prices so not worth what they're attached to


it's the most wonderful time of the year...

No, no. Christmas didn't come early. It's been prime cycling season for a while now, and the sport's biggest event begins on Saturday.

and although lance is retired now, and this add is old, you get the picture.

this race is epic.
starting saturday i'll be glued to the screen for three weeks straight.
and maybe wearing my yellow Tour hat while i watch too.
many many cycling fan-girl-freak-out posts to come.
you have been warned.


slang flashcards


Husband found these on Amazon, and he bought them for me. They should be here in a few days. I can't wait for the hilarity that will ensue.


i can sign.

Not sure how many of you know this, but I know American Sign Language. I love the language so much, and I'm such an advocate for Deaf Education. People need to be more aware. And aware of the facts, that is. Anyway, I can sign.


Starting tomorrow, I'm going to be teaching my friend Candice and her husband how to sign! I'm beyond excited. We're going to get on Skype and I'm going to teach them. It's going to be fantastically fun.
I seriously cannot wait.


as time goes by.

six months ago at three in the afternoon we became we.

best day ever.
and we plan on having lots more best days ever.
every day is a new adventure.
and it's great.


in my dreams i am a singer

Have you ever wished you could do something that, in reality, is completely out of your reach/talent set/etc? It's no secret that I love Broadway. I gushed over the Tony Awards earlier this week. You can usually find me listening to OBC recordings of my favorite shows. I wish I could sing. I mean really sing. You know, Idina Menzel, Barbra Streisand, Julie Andrews style. They can sing. I cannot. Sure I can carry a tune and harmonize, but I wish I had that powerhouse voice. And I'm pretty sure that no matter how hard I work at it, it probably won't happen. My voice just has those limitations. I know that sounding like Julie Andrews is the most ridiculous of my (lofty.inaperfectworld) ambitions - she was just born with that voice. But I wish I could do it too. I feel like it would be so much fun, but it's just not a part of the hand my genetics dealt me.

What is something you always wished you could do?



there is a rose bush right outside the door to our house that i hadn't noticed until now. so, naturally, i cut a few and put them in water. now my entire living room smells most delightful.


"Actual Reality! Act up! Fight AIDS!" :: a review

The raw emotion of it all was overwhelming, and I was a complete basket case by the end -- totally overcome by the beauty of Jonathan Larson's message: "No day but today." 

I've heard it said that with RENT, Jonathan Larson was unknowingly writing his own obituary. And what a beautiful message to leave with the world. At the end of the show, during the finale, they screen the film that Mark has been shooting the whole show. It is a montage of pictures and video footage of the characters and the things they do throughout the show. In the production we saw last night, the director {a personal friend of Mr. Larson's} chose to include pictures of Mr. Larson at the end of the montage. It was so powerful hearing the cast's repetition of "I die without you/No day but today" at the end of "Finale B" while pictures of Mr. Larson were flashing on the screen. It was an incredibly touching and humbling experience sitting there, being so moved by the performance, looking at the cast and the pictures of Mr. Larson, all the while knowing that he was never able to experience the success of his show that I was so enjoying. I am so grateful to Mr. Larson for writing RENT, and for those other individuals who saw how special it is, and wanted to produce it. Thank you, Jonathan Larson. You've inspired me, and changed my life. Going to see RENT has been a venture six years in the making. I first discovered and fell in love with the show in high school. Since then, it's been a goal to see it live. And as life goes, it never toured near me, nor did I have enough money to take a trip to New York to see it. Finally, last night, it was my turn. And it was well worth the wait.

:: life as of late ::

we stay at home and take pictures of the cats.
that's all we do.
oh, and we work.
and go to musicals.
but that's it.


my south carolina cats

top :: isabelle
middle :: sammy and rhubarb*
bottom :: tess

*{i grew up with those two. i got them when i was 4, and they lived until i was 19/20}


"only thing to do is jump over the moon"

I literally cannot contain my excitement.
One week from today my life will be complete.
If my one-woman performance of RENT {singing every single part, mind you} for my husband while we drove from Oklahoma City to Wichita last weekend wasn't indicative enough of how much I love this musical, I don't know what could be. Excuse me now while I go run around the house singing and dancing and jumping up and down. I am a crazed fan-girl, and I cannot wait.

p.s. I also just got a ticket to go see Idina Menzel next month in a totally unrelated concert. That's right, folks, I'm going to see Idina. It's okay to be jealous.


i'm a working girl.

For those of you who don't know, I recently got a job! I now work for church headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The team I work with is great. Everyone is funny, helpful, and extremely nice. Our team provides financial, technical, and member support for the entire country and Canada. Essentially, we deal with all of the databases that contain all of the electronically stored paperwork of the church. It's actually quite interesting. A lot of that has to do with the team I work with, and the fact that I have Fridays off. The best part is that I can walk to work. And once our office building moves next month, I'll have a five minute {max} walking commute, which means I'll be able to walk home for lunch. Happy day.