kis•met \ˈkiz-ˌmet, -mət\ - noun; often capitalized

1. fate.


we have cats!

Meet Charlie and Chloe.
They became part of the family on Tuesday night.
They are both seven months old, and girls.
Charlie is the mostly black one. Chloe, the mostly white.
They were sharing a cage at the Humane Society, so we decided to take them both.
And they could not be any sweeter.
we are kind of extremely smitten with these two.
they are the cutest.


just an update

So maybe I've been a little MIA for the past while {sorry about that}. Moving takes up so much time. It also doesn't help that we don't have the internet set up at our new place yet. But that will all change come next Monday. No more mooching off of internets in other locations. Huzzah. I'll be seeing you {and you me} regularly as of next week.

p.s. we're getting kittens tonight.


my family is in town!

Once upon a time {today, in fact} I walked across a stage in a silly looking cap and gown, and received a nice diploma cover. {Spencer did too}. Thank goodness we're done. Hallelujah. Can I get a witness?
just kidding.

happy day.


finals, finals, finals.

i guess finals week can't go by without at least one major scare. i think it's a rule. my school uses blackboard. if you don't know what it is, it's basically a website for the school that has your class information where you can take online quizzes, turn in assignments, etc (if the professor chooses to have you turn in things that way). well, for my religion class this semester. everything we did was on blackboard. every.single.thing. we didn't turn a single thing in during class. so, naturally, our class blackboard page decided to randomly shut itself down during finals week. i was okay with that for a second, until i panicked and thought "" i frantically emailed my professor today asking what happened to all of the grades, and if he has them recorded somewhere else. i want credit for all of the good grades i got on the quizzes and projects i worked hard on and turned in. my professor emailed me back, and said that they're working on getting the site restored right now, and my grade won't suffer even if things were lost because of the website. that made me feel better. i was really concerned there for a minute.


this will make mondays better


Only two tests left and I will be done with college forever.
Graduation is Thursday and Friday.
It's kind of surreal that I'll be graduating this week. I don't think it's really set in yet.

In other news, nothing makes me want to get out of Provo faster than going up to our new place in Salt Lake. We've been moving things for the past few days, and really only have clothes and the big furniture left. I'm going to Wal-Mart today to buy all of the cutsie things to go in our place. You know, lamps, curtains, a new shower head. (we'll not talk about the one that's already there. nightmare material). Every time we go up there, I just want to stay. I'm so excited for the prospect of living downtown. There's just so much more to do in the city than in Provo, and everything is within walking distance of our place.

Oh, and we'll be getting kittens. That's the best part.


pretty, pretty nails.

I love nail polish. Kind of a lot. My toes are always painted, and my fingers about 95% of the time. I'm always on the lookout for new and better colors, so you can imagine my excitement when a few weeks ago, my beautiful friend Aubry over at "Beauty is truth, truth beauty" told me about this nail polish she's so smitten with.

Read her rave here.

I second everything she says. It's amazing stuff.
I can never go back to other nail lacquers. 
Everything else just won't make the cut.

peruse the beauty here.



Outside of the back door of our apartment there are about five stairs. Last night I managed to fall down them. I'm still not sure how it happened. Baffled, would be more like it. I'm fine. I caught myself on the iron railing and concrete wall next to the stairs before I hit the concrete floor. My arms have a few little bruises on them, and my left ring finger's tip is still throbbing off and on at the most inconvenient times, of course. Like when I'm trying to concentrate in class, but all I can think about is the incessant, dull pain in my finger. Thanks, finger. I really appreciate it. When we move to Salt Lake we'll be on the top floor. The stairs are inside of the house (a lot more than five), and we'll be putting up a baby gate for the kittens until they're big enough to go up and down the stairs by themselves, but maybe I'll need it more than they will.

Moral of the story: Don't fall down stairs.


it's snowing....again.

I knew the weather this morning had to be a bad  omen. 
It's only 9:30 am, and it's already an awful day.
Not to mention the McStompersons are at it again in full force.
I just might crack this time.
I'm beyond ready for something good to happen.


where is spring?

It looks like a Tim Burton movie outside. Or, rather, the setting of Cormac McCarthy's The Road. Yes, that's it. Outside, the world is bleak. Where is the sunshine that's supposed to take up post about halfway through March? You're a month late, sun. Perhaps I'll go home and read some of McCarthy's finest. It just seems so appropriate for today. Meanwhile, I'm trying to drum up some semblance of this:

"In the midst of Winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible Summer."
- Albert Camus


please pardon the post-shower hair

Today I got this letter from the College of Humanities congratulating me on my upcoming graduation. They're so happy for me, want me to look back on my years here, blah, blah, blah. But the cause of the real excitement was that lovely butter-yellow paper behind the letter. It contains the details of the College of Humanities commencement. Where to be and when. What to have with you. etc. It's as if that little yellow paper made it official. I am graduating. It's real. It will actually happen Friday, April 22, 2011 at 2:00 pm. Then there was the little tidbit about how after the ceremony, "you will have the opportunity to acknowledge faculty members". My thoughts went immediately to my favorite: Gloria Cronin. I may or may not cry when I have to say goodbye to her. She is, in a word, brilliant. No kidding. I've learned more from her than all of my other English professors combined. She is like a walking encyclopedia, and a delight to talk to. She has had the biggest impact on my entire academic career. It's rare that you come across someone so fabulous, and I count my lucky stars that I was able to enjoy four amazing classes from her. I love the relationship I have with her. Sometimes, I will just go sit in her office and chat with her about life. She gives the most incredible advice. I can't really rightly explain how much of an influence she's had on me. I guess it's just one of those things you have to experience for yourself. All I can really say is that it's been a privilege knowing her, and learning from her. She treated me as a peer, not a student. Made me feel intelligent and my ideas important. There will definitely be a void when I'm not attending her classes anymore.

{Thank goodness she's teaching a Toni Morrison course Spring term, and has extended an open invitation for me to come play whenever I'd like.}


I want to live here.

Forget the fact that I know no German, nor know anybody in or even remotely near Germany. Forget that this is a completely unrealistic, silly wish. And never mind the snowy picture. I do believe dealing with the snow just might be worth it. Please, just forget it and relish the thought with me for just a moment. Be a whimsical, daydreaming young girl again, just this once.
I'm imagining myself living here. Are you?

How perfectly idyllic and fairytale-like, no?
If only.


Modern Toilet

{ link }

No, not a toilet store. It's a restaurant in Taiwan.
Everything is toilet themed.
You sit on toilets, and eat your food out of miniature toilets.
You even drink your food out of tiny urinals.
All of this makes me very uncomfortable.
But it's a real {very popular} place.