kis•met \ˈkiz-ˌmet, -mət\ - noun; often capitalized

1. fate.


home. the best there is.

welcome to south carolina :: trees grow over the roads here
cheerwine. it's kind of a big deal here :: tree lined highways.


this one time we moved from ut to sc

moving van lights :: chloe watching the world go by :: spanish fork canyon
stella sleeping in the car :: moab, utah :: cuddling cats at my feet



A dark country road.
Driving with the windows down.
Stars light the way. Home.


e + a in provo.

yesterday i was in provo, and had lunch with this lovely girl. we chatted about life, love, confusion, and the gilmore girls episodes that are our lives. she taught me a useful indonesian phrase ya sudah that i've already used at least twice. long story short, this girl is amazing , and i will miss her dearly. such good times spent during one magical semester that have carried over to a most cherished friendship. so, e, ya sudah for now. come visit soon.

(on a side note, i did visit other equally as amazing friends in provo, but was too dense to pull out the camera to document those visits.)


dr. cronin

Today I visited with my favorite professor in her office at BYU. It was just like old times, when I was a student, and went to her office on a daily basis to listen to her wisdom and share ideas on papers, life, love, and everything in between. But today, even though a graduate, I was a student again. I am every time I talk to her. I'm convinced she knows everything. She really does. She is the best teacher I had in my college career. My favorite, not just because she is a walking encyclopedia of wisdom and knowledge, but because every time I talk to her, I leave feeling like I can conquer the world. She allows me to believe in myself like no one else has. That is why she is amazing.



Have you ever been to see the symphony? There is not much that delights me more than sitting there in the audience, allowing the waves of sound to pin me to the back of my seat and permeate my soul. My very being. The symphony has healing power, I'm sure. I always come out feeling better about life. There is just something unmistakably unique about sitting in an audience listening to live classical music. When you're there, you can feel it. Every happiness. Every heartache. Every rise and fall of emotion. It is palpable. Real. Raw. Go to the symphony. Feed your soul. Feel the emotions. The tension, the release. Get caught up in the moment. It will be an experience you won't soon forget. The experience is unmatched by anything.


no snow.

It was so cold today that I listened to Christmas music at lunch. It just felt like Christmas outside. And later, when driving to pick up my husband from work, I saw a car that had snow all over it. Yes, snow. It's not even Halloween yet. And then I thought: we're moving. no more snow. 
hooray for south carolina. the end.


homeward bound

Once upon a time two people from South Carolina met at BYU, fell in love, got married, graduated, and moved to Salt Lake City. Six months later, that wonderful man got a job offer in none other than Columbia, South Carolina. It's been fun, Utah, but we're heading home. Soon. Two weeks from now soon. In an instant, our world has been turned upside down and become consumed by a sea of boxes and packing tape and figuring out the logistics of moving ourselves (and our two cats) across the country. There will be people I'm going to miss so dearly, thinking about not seeing them makes my heart crumble to pieces. I can't even form the word goodbye right now. But we're headed home. Home. Where family lives and my heart resides. To that place where everything makes sense. "No, my life began and continues to exist in the antithesis of a city. I live on a dead end street. Trees surround my house. We can’t see our neighbors. The air is humid, but clear; no city smog exists here. Summer afternoon thunderstorms happen almost daily from June until September. Thousands of stars illuminate the night sky, and also at night, symphonies of crickets, cicadas, and frogs provide the accompaniment to the rhythmic creaking of our front-porch rocking chairs. It is quintessential countryside – the perfect small town." Home. Home. Home. Home. Here we come.



Have a frozen banana in celebration!

Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Mitch Hurwitz have all confirmed that Arrested Development is coming back for another season leading up to the much anticipated (and long overdue) movie. I'll believe it when I'm sitting on my couch watching the new season because, let's face it, they haven't exactly had it completely together when announcing things like this in the past. (read: it's been five years with promises of a movie, but nothing has happened yet). If this is true, and I so want to believe it, this is one of the best days since the show went off the air. I so want it to be true. If they're all confirming it, it has to be, right? Arrested Development people, please let this happen this time. ohpleaseohpleaseohplease. The rest of my evening is now dedicated to watching the show, and crying big tears of joy for its (presumed) return. It will be the happiest. Ever. End of.