kis•met \ˈkiz-ˌmet, -mət\ - noun; often capitalized

1. fate.


i'll just keep it to myself in the sun, in the sun.

Does anyone else think the white coke cans are the best ever? 
Those polar bears are all kinds of adorable. 


target practice

tonight we went to the shooting range and shamelessly catered to our southern demographic. and it turns out that i'm a pretty good shot too.

traditional target and the zombie pizza delivery guy. gotta practice for that apocalypse sometime.


jai ho*

Was reading through some old (read: ancient) blog posts and ran across some links on one of my musings to some pretty amazing things that happened in my life (read: happened Winter semester 2009). Those few months were perhaps the most magical time that has ever happened in the history of the world. Seriously. We're not sure how we passed our classes, or why we did what we did, 
but we know one thing for sure: it was magic.

Anyone remember this?
Or how about this?
Remember when we listened to this on repeat? And this one too?
And we cannot ever forget the awesomeness that was ten at ten.
It will forever top the list of everything that is awesome.

From no boys allowed forts and adventures in the wee morning hours of finals week to the best friends a girl could ask for, 

*in honor of the jai ho lap, of course, because who could forget that magic?



About thirty minutes ago Anthony Rapp said this on Twitter:

"All right, I need to acknowledge that it was just December 24th, 9 pm, EST. "

And soon it will be December 24th, 10 pm, EST.
Thanks, Anthony, for reminding me.
And thank you, Jonathan Larson.
You have no idea how much you've impacted my life for the better.
"No day but today."


It's a Festivus for the rest of us!

ignore the fact that the audio and picture are slightly off. just listen.

Happy Festivus, everyone!


merry christmas from dixie.

courtesy of and, respectively

feel free to come visit if you need to warm up a bit.


anniversary festivities

delicious pork at mr. friendly's  |  a lovely pearl ring for me  |  pretty leaf ring  |  tulips    

i got husband a gift certificate to his favorite golf course and a box set of cds that he wanted
it was a lovely day.


mr. & mrs. robinson

it's been exactly one year.
happy anniversary to us!



Recently, Richland County and the city of Columbia finished constructing these giant matching brick structures, like the kind you see at the entrances of neighborhoods, at the start of Decker Boulevard. The brick structures have pictures of different countries' flags on them and text that reads, "Decker Boulevard. International Corridor". The sentiment is nice, but I'm pretty sure that the only thing that qualifies the street as an international corridor is a string of slightly sketchy (mostly Asian and Mexican) ethnic restaurants that I wouldn't eat at for fear of dying. You know the kind. Dingy. Outdated, falling apart signs. The brick entrances to the street are nicer than the street and just about everything else on it. I'm glad our city has its priorities in order.


steal of a find.

amazing, right?    
Yes, that's a golden snitch ornament. And yes, I'm allowing my inner Harry Potter fangirl nerd self to come out in full force with this one. I'm making this and putting it on my Christmas tree. Soon. As in, as soon as I can get to the craft store to get what I need for it. Oh, the joys of what you find on Pinterest.



I spent the better part of last night on Gmail chat with my mom helping my brother finish his research paper on Julius Caesar. I was brought in for editing and forcing the brother to explain himself better. I even brought out my copy of Shakie's complete works to help him find quotations. I went to bed at 11. My mom bowed out at 1 A.M. My dad at 1:30.
In other news, one of my wisdom teeth may or may not be coming in. Happy Christmas to me. I'm not sure though. Never had a wisdom tooth come in before. What does it feel like? It's lost on me.
Spencer and I teach cub scouts now. That is, we teach four hyper, talkative, mildly hilarious eight year-old boys who may or may not be very easily bribed into following the rules by cookies.
I'm currently obsessed with Words with Friends and Barbra Streisand. (No relation between the two) But I can't seem to get enough of Funny Girl. Seriously.Can't.Get.Enough. I drive around belting it out (quite badly in comparison) with Babs. "My Man" gets me every time.
Filled in at my parents' gym today. The regular receptionist wasn't there. Went out to dinner tonight with my dad afterward. Just me and him.
A lady I know has a cat that she thinks might be pregnant. If it is, I might be getting a kitten just because kittens are so ridiculously cute. So cute it should probably be outlawed.
I found pomegranate flavored Jelly Belly jelly beans. Good, but not as great as the juicy pear flavor.
This time last year I was stressing about finishing all of my finals and getting married at the end of finals week. What were we thinking? But making it all happen. 
With only a few gray hairs to show for it.


just imagine.

In honor of Christmas soon approaching and one of the most talented songwriters of all time.

Remembering you today, Mr. Lennon. Your life ended too soon.


oh, my man, i love him so.

"my man". or, how to win an oscar in two minutes and thirty-eight seconds.

i could watch this movie on repeat and never ever get tired of it.