kis•met \ˈkiz-ˌmet, -mət\ - noun; often capitalized

1. fate.


i heart him.

he takes me to my favorite pizza places. you know, the kind that hang local, original art on the walls, and serve you pizzas with roasted fennel on them, and pita + hummus for appetizers.


last night

"bolts of lightning, little rivulets of thunder. and i the eye of the storm."
toni morrison | jazz

i spent most of the evening in our sun room staring out the window watching the sky light up via nature's most amazing light show. nothing is quite so comforting or reminiscent of home.

david sedaris

Besides moving back to South Carolina as soon as possible,
my number one goal in life is to write like this:

"Journey Into Night"
(read it, please)

"Stadium Pal"
(watch it, please)

Oh, to be this witty, talented, and brilliantly hilarious.


the past week

1. cherry coke to go with my burger. 2. this happens every time i sit down. love her. 3. salad with grilled chicken, parmesean cheese, and balsamic dressing. so so good. recipe if you want it.
4. shellac manicure. best.idea.ever. 5. the painting that hangs in our living room. 6. toms. the best.
7. mrs. lovett sign for my kitchen. 8. yummy, yummy burger. 9. the most handsome man i know.

what have you been doing with your week?



I love fingernail polish. This is no secret. Rarely are my fingernails not painted. My only complaint about nail polish is a fact of life: If it is on your fingernails, it will chip within twenty-four hours of initial painting, no matter how expensive the polish. Anyone else have this problem? I have found a solution. Shellac manicures. Last week I got one (see above picture) and a week later, no chips! They even survived the pool and smacking my hand against a lane line. This is the stuff of miracles. Go get one. You won't be disappointed.


maybe i was a fish in another life

last week we bought a year-long pass to our local rec center. i now go swimming three times a week. nothing feels quite as good as swimming laps. try it. you'll love it. promise. even husband, who doesn't much care for swimming, goes with me and swims laps. one of the main reasons i love swimming is because i hate being sweaty. i love working out, but cannot stand the sweat. jump in a pool to exercise, and problem solved. i'm getting my swimmer's muscles back. huzzah! 

what's your favorite way to exercise?



today i spent the afternoon with friends. good friends. some of whom i haven't seen in years. isn't it amazing when you're with people you love, you can pick up right where you left off all of those years ago? i was too busy talking to take any pictures, but that's okay. i was so happy to introduce my husband to these great people. reminiscing is one of the best activities to do. i'm convinced.


such a delightful play on words

"mrs. lovett's pie shop. fleet street, london. serving people since 1846."

I came back to my desk after a break at work and this was there. Over the weekend, my amazing friend Sarah made it for me. Such a thoughtful surprise! 
It now sits on my kitchen counter, and I giggle every time I see it.

if you don't get the reference, read this.

just a lazy sunday afternoon

music: "helplessness blues" by fleet foxes
what better to do on a sunday afternoon than drive up a canyon?


life lately

1. me. 2. chloe + mouse. 3. two of my favorite things
4. heaven in my fridge. 5. baby stella. 6. handsome husband
7. stella again. 8. vanilla bean. 9. sleepy chloe



With common names, it's pretty much expected that there will be more than one of you in the world. But what are the chances that today at work I get a call from Gloria Cronin. No, not my most favorite professor, but another Gloria Cronin. It was a Twilight Zone moment almost too weird for me to handle. Also, it made me miss my Gloria Cronin a lot. Perhaps a visit down to Provo to her office is in store in the future. She is the best to talk to.