kis•met \ˈkiz-ˌmet, -mət\ - noun; often capitalized

1. fate.


greetings, isaac!

thanks for the thunder and lightning, and all of the pouring rain. though i'm glad i'm not here right now dealing with the really crazy rain, kayaking through the market does seem like a lot of fun.


now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything

No, not really. But ten points and new best friend status to you if you got the reference.

My family dynamic as a child and now as an adult is largely the same. It is a constant in my life. We get along swimmingly. Everyone is there for each other - no hesitations. My grandparents and their children started a legacy in the town I grew up in. Everyone knows us there; if not for our involvement in the community, for the sheer number of us around.

My immediate family is small - just me and a younger brother. But my extended family is large - grandparents, 6 pairs of aunts and uncles, 34 cousins (45 if you count the spouses of those that are married, which I do; 55 if you count their children), and countless more extended family members close by. We all grew up together; literally down the road from each other, and most of us still live in the areas surrounding the place we grew up. There's something to be said about having that support system near by that you know will drop anything to help you if you need it. I don't think I realized how lucky I was/still am to grow up with and live near such an extensive set of cousins until I met people who only had 3, that lived in another city, states away. I wouldn't trade the experience of growing up with so many amazing relatives around me for anything.

24. Describe your family dynamic of your childhood vs. your family dynamic now. | thirty things


five hobbies of mine

reading/buying books
I have this problem where I continue to buy books even if I haven't finished reading the books I bought on my last jaunt to the bookstore. So much so, that I have an entire bookshelf of 'to be read' books.

I've been playing the piano for sixteen years, and the flute for twelve. I love listening to it, playing it, studying it, analyzing it, talking about it. It is so much a part of my soul.

No, not playing them. Had you fooled there for a minute. While I love riding my bike and swimming laps, I'm not the most talented when it comes to hand-eye coordinated athleticism. I love watching sports. More specifically, cycling, anything Olympics related, and college football. And yes, I know the rules and how the plays work.

My family are big movie watchers - we go to the theatres, we watch them at home. I have a pretty decent collection of my own. Apparently it's something in our genes. Is there a movie or TV show marathon in your future? Let me know. I'll come party with you.

Perhaps, most obviously, I enjoy blogging. I like to observe and write down my musings of the world around me. Writing is a great way to figure out what you really think about something.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

23. List your top 5 hobbies and why you love them. | thirty things


in years to come

In five, ten, and fifteen years, my goals are fairly simple.

I'd like to have started a career of some sort (that I'm still working on figuring out). I want to eventually start a family and live in a house that we own. I'd also like to get a lab puppy. I want to plan and go on family vacations. I want to continue to have a happy marriage.

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image found here on etsy
yes, this will be framed in my house soon.

If I could choose one superpower, my first instinct would be to go with my early childhood thoughts that flying would be pretty cool - you could go anywhere! That sufficed until Harry Potter came around and I learned about apparating. Really, I'd just like to be a wizard of the "Yer a wizard 'Arry" variety, so I could apparate. With a quick, tight-turning about-face, I could be anywhere in the world. Lunch at a cafe in Paris? No problem. I'll be home for dinner. Day trip to New Zealand? Piece of cake. See the benefits? I know I'm not the only one who not so secretly wishes they could go to Hogwarts.

What superpower do you wish you had?

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hilton head

spencer and me at dinner :: annabelle, chelsea, me, and kristin found tons of sand dollars
chelsea and me getting some sun :: ben, aunt lois, and me in a heated game of pétanque
the piggly wiggly's name for toilet paper :: chelsea and me

we spent every morning in the ocean and every afternoon by the pool.
it was perfect.


a happy day

A month or so ago, me and some of the aunts threw a bridal shower via Face Time for this lovely girl:

On the seventeenth, my cousin Sharon got married. We were (and still are) best buds growing up. We went on vacations together, went to school together, worked the same summer job, and she even came to play with me when I had the chicken pox because she had already had them. Hopefully we'll be able to keep taking vacations together with our (future) families. I am so incredibly happy for her. She and her husband (still crazy to say!) are perfect for each other.


we spent a long weekend on hilton head island. 
more pictures to come.


I felt sorry when I came to the last page. I wanted to crawl in between those black lines of print the way you crawl through a fence, and go to sleep under that beautiful big green fig tree.

Sylvia Plath | The Bell Jar